The Proslide XT gives users great looking professional lawns with all the cost saving benefits of a stand-on attachment. 

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Clean stripes

Gives a professional look with no wheel or foot marks

walk easily

Automatically retracts completely out of your way

Smooth ride

Glides across holes and divots in the lawn that wheeled sulkies would drop into


Level Height

Gliding at ground level keeps you level with your mower, preventing hunching or squatting


Performance Guarantee: If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with the performance of your Gridiron product we will correct or replace it. Give us a call or send us an email.

Some exceptions may apply: The springs, bungee elements, and finish provided with your Gridiron products are subject to normal wear and tear and are not covered by the guarantee.


Replacement service agreement for misuse or abuse: Should you damage your Gridiron product through misuse or abuse, we will replace the item for 1/2 the current suggested list price. Send a photo of the damaged product with a brief description of what and how the product failed to the email listed on our website along with your contact information.


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The ProSlide XT allows you to work faster and comfortably while creating well-defined stripes that everyone loves on their lawn. The ProSlide XT lets you work easily in tight areas and ride smoothly on open terrain. The roomy platform rides flat on the grounds and keeps you at the same height, walking or riding. It glides over bumps and leaves a clean, well defined stripe on the lawn. Plus, their are no chains or cables to get in your way. With a tight fold-up area this tool won’t take up valuable space on your trailer. 

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Here are some questions that we get frequently asked by customers. 

How does the ProSlide XT affect weight balancing?

Most of the time the ProSlide XT won’t affect how your walk-behind mower rides. If the operator weighs more than 250 lbs you may need a weight kit. These kits are sold seperately by the manufacturer of your mower. 

How big does my walk-behind mower have to be?

Generally we don’t recommend the ProSlide XT for mower decks under 48″, or for belt driven mowers. 

Can I ride the ProSlide XT while moving in reverse?

The ProSlide XT was designed to automatically retract out of the way when the operator steps off. When operating a mower in reverse you should always step off the ProSlide XT and walk the mower backward. This concept also applies to steep hills, step off when walking down the hill. 

How do I install the ProSlide XT?

The ProSlide XT is mounted to the rear of your mower frame. You can check out the manuals page and click ProSlide XT to see a full installation. 

CUSTOMER Testimonials

“Once through the learning curve and maintaining it, I am in love. I am 72 and cut and striped my 2/3 acre lot today at 90+ degrees without breaking a sweat, great product.”


“Great sulky! Highly recommend.”


“I wish I had this ten years ago. Summer’s wouldn’t have been so long”