Trimmer Line Holder


The Gridiron Trimmer Line Holder with attached Patented Gridiron Trimmer Line Cutter mounts to a Gridiron Post or directly to an enclosed trailer wall. The Gridiron Trimmer Line holder is capable of storing large amounts of trimmer line, making trimmer line changes fast and easy. The Gridiron Trimmer Line Holder plastic Tub and Lid protects the trimmer Line spool from the sun, rain, and other bad weather. The Trimmer line is also kept contained and does not allow it to unspool on its own. Each Gridiron Trimmer Line Holder comes with an attached Patented Gridiron Trimmer Line Cutter on the lid making Trimmer Line cuts smooth and easy on even the toughest trimmer line. Replacing expensive and bulky cutters and utility knives with a safe enclosed blade.
*Post Set Sold Separately

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Gridiron Trimmer Line Holder conveniently holds trimmer line and makes it fast and easy to make line changes on all your trimmers.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Include Single Post w/ Hardware?

18" Post, 36" Post, 48" Post, 60" Post, No Post Set


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